About Us

Remember when personalized service and value for your dollar were the norm? Imagine an inn with actual innkeepers who care about your comfort and needs. Imagine getting a comfortable room, modern amenities and a great location for a realistic price. If you’re looking for an attractive alternative to “cookie cutter” chains and corporate pricing, look no further. The K2 Inn has just what you want.

​The K2 Inn is a landmark in downtown Sandpoint. Cozy, quiet and close to everything there is to do and see in town, our location is perfect for those vacationing for a week or just staying the night. Getting the best rates downtown doesn’t mean sacrificing quality. Our rooms are clean and well appointed to make your stay with us comfortable and relaxing.

Your hosts, Dana and Sheldon, have been making friends here at the K2 since 2004. Having grown up in Sandpoint, they know the region, people, and businesses very well.  Dana’s green thumb is evident in and around the property. Sheldon’s former career as a touring musician has given him a unique perspective of the lodging industry. Having been the guest for 30 years, he understands the needs of travelers. From the moment they greet you at the door, you’ll know that they’re happy to see you and care about your needs.

Our guests tell us regularly we’re the best place to stay in downtown Sandpoint. That’s because guests at the K2 Inn are exactly that, our guests. We want you to feel at home and will do our best to make sure your entire stay is pleasant and relaxing. The value of our rooms may bring you here, but our hospitality will bring you back.​